How to hit a draw with Greg Massey


When hitting a draw shot we must first realise that a draw shot is a straight shot that falls left for a right handed golfer and falls right for a left handed golfer. For the purpose of the tip I am using 2 clubs to show alignment, as shown (Photo 1) the club on the right is my ball and club line which is where I want the ball to start and the club on the left is my feet, hips and shoulder line which is lined up at the target.
To hit a draw shot what I want to do is drop my right foot back a little bit but keep my feet and shoulders aligned at the target (Photo 2) and my club aligned at my starting line. This will encourage the club to be taken back on the inside a little bit which will then allow me to swing the club through on a In to Out swing path (Photo 3) which will then result in me hitting a perfect draw shot.
We do need to know that there is a difference between a Draw shot and a Hook, a Draw is as I said earlier a straight shot that falls left and a Hook is a shot that has a lot of curve on it, a draw can be controlled whereas a hook cannot.