The Ladies under the stewardship of Debbie Kelly, have done great work on the flower beds in the last few days.  The Thursday Volunteers had weeded the two flower beds just before lockdown. But even though we were in lockdown, the weeds continued to grow.  Well done ladies and the pictures look fantastic.

We are now giving a shout out for help from the men please (excluding Thursday Volunteers), is there any person or persons who might be able to sand, and paint the double doors and store door which are on your left as you enter the car park. These doors are still in good condition; they need new hinges and some TLC to restore them to what they used to be.

Our Volunteers who come to the club on Thursday are busy back on the course catching up, and we feel it is not fair to be asking them as they have enough on their plate.

If you can help with this, it would very much be appreciated. Please contact either of us for more details.

David Bohan  & Eileen O Toole - Captains