Golf Trivia Quiz

To help keep the brain stay active during lockdown, below is a quick golf quiz for a bit of fun.

  1. In the 2017 Open Championship at Royal Birkdale, which South African golfer became the first in history to record a sub 63 score in a major when he recorded an 8 below par 62?
  2. Which Swedish golfer, who retired in 2008 with 90 international titles, is widely regarded as the best ever female player?
  3. What is Tiger Woods’ real first name?
  4. Two golfers have been world number one without winning a major, can you name them?
  5. What nickname is given to the second shot at the 11th, all of the 12th, and the first two shots at the 13th hole at Augusta?
  6. Which golf resort and hotel in Wishaw, Warwickshire, has hosted the Ryder Cup four times?
  7. Which TWO players have both won nine major championships, making them joint fourth in the all-time list behind Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen?
  8. Under the rules of golf, what’s the maximum number of clubs allowed in a player’s golf bag during a round?
  9. The Masters, the first major of the year, is the only major held at the same location each year; name the city which hosts the tournament?
  10. Which common slang term is often used for the clubhouse (or even sometimes a pub close to the course)?
  11. Which golfer, the winner of 3 majors, died in a 1999 airplane accident at the age of 42?
  12. Which word is traditionally shouted to warn anyone standing or moving in the flight of a golf ball?
  13. Name the exceptional golf course on the Monterey Peninsula, California, which has hosted several U.S. Open Championships?
  14. The Ryder Cup is named after English businessman Samuel Ryder who made most of his money selling what?
  15. How many major championships has Tiger Woods won? And in which year did he win his last?
  16. By what name is the trophy presented to the winner of The Open Championship most commonly known?
  17. In 1985, which golfer was the first British player to win The Open Championship since Tony Jacklin in 1969?
  18. Can you name the players from the following nicknames: (a)The Walrus, (b)The Big Easy, (c)The Mechanic, (d)Boom Boom, and (e)Junk Man?

Keep your eye on next week’s newsletter for the answers, to see how well you did!