Competitions Update

– Ladies will start their competitions on Tuesday 9th June (Tuesdays will be alternate days to the weekend competition)
– Seniors will start their competitions on Wednesday 10th June
– From Friday 12th June – Competitions on Fridays (Ladies & Gents) and Saturday / Sundays (competition for all members)
– Check in at the Proshop
– Proshop personnel signs member into competition
– Players won’t swap cards; however each player keeps their own score and the score of the player whose card they would normally mark. Both scores are kept on their own card
– After the round the player agrees their scores with their marker
– The player then returns their own scores online
– Please note you can also return scores for other players online
– Scores must be returned on the day of the competition
– Scorecards do not have to be returned. However players are asked to hold onto their card for a couple of weeks in case of any query.
– To return scores online please login to your Master Scoreboard Link and select “Score Entry” and the relevant competition.
– If you haven’t used Master Scoreboard previously select the following link to get setup
– Under National Number enter your GUI/ILGU number (8 digits)
Password: kilcock (lower case)
– You will then be asked to enter a new password which is personal to you and is the one you will use from then on
– When you return scores in this way points, totals or handicaps will not show. So make sure you are returning the correct score for each hole.
– If you have any issues returning scores or if you make a mistake, please contact the Competition Secretary or the Proshop and they will assist you