Please note the following Competition procedure as laid out in the GUI Protocols:

  • Member checks in at the Pro shop
  • Pro shop personnel signs member into competition
  • Player will receive a card in the pro shop in which they must enter their own details.
  • Players don’t swap cards; however, each player keeps their own score and the score of the player whose card they would normally mark. Both scores are kept on their own card
  • After the round, the player agrees their scores with their marker
  • The player then returns their own scores online. You can also return other players scores
  • Physical Scorecards do not have to be returned. However, players with scores of 36 points and above must also send a picture of their completed card to
  • It’s important that all scores are returned as NR’s impact on the CSS
  • Scores must be returned on the day of the competition.
  • If you have any issues returning scores or if you make a mistake, please contact the Competition Secretary or the Pro shop and they will assist you.
  • All prize-winners cards will be checked to make sure they comply with the Rules of Golf
  • All other players must hold onto their card until results are published, in case of any query.
  • Score Cards must include the following; Player Name, Handicap, Date of competition, GUI no. Signed by Player, Markers name (Marker must not sign the card – COVID-19 protocol). Under the rules of golf if any of this information is missing the player may be disqualified.
  • To return scores online please login to your Master Scoreboard Link and select “Score Entry” and the relevant competition.
  • If you haven’t  used Master Scoreboard previously select the following link to get setup
    • Under National Number enter your GUI/ILGU number (8 digits)
    • Password kilcock (lower case)
    • You will then be asked to enter a new password which is personal to you and is the one you will use from then on
  • When you return scores in this way stableford points or handicaps will not show. So make sure you are returning the correct score for each hole.
Please note all local rules posted on the noticeboard outside Pro shop. In particular, note the following 2 new temporary local rules
  • All movable obstructions must now be deemed immovable obstructions. You have one club length from the nearest point of relief. You also have line of sight relief. E.g. you cannot remove distance markers on the course and must treat them as immovable obstructions.
  • As rakes have been removed from bunkers, the following temporarily local rule is in place.
    • When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may prefer the lie within six inches, not nearer the hole.
    • Players are requested to smooth bunkers using either their foot or a club after playing their stroke.
    • Please note that smoothing the sand before placing the ball is not allowed.