Coaching Corner – Staying Connected

Coaching Corner
Staying Connected with Greg Massey

In my experience of teaching, I’ve seen far too many “disconnected” golf swings resulting in weak and off-line shots. It’s a common issue, but it’s easily fixed.

After I qualified as a PGA professional I was trained by the legendary Swing Coach Jimmy Ballard in Key Lardo Florida. He always taught me to set up “connected” at address. This is to have the upper part of your left arm connected and tied into the the body in a soft manner (Photo 1).

This prevents the lead arm from disconnecting from the body whoch causes all kinds of problems. It encourages you to use the bigger muscles during the swing leading to more consistent and powerful shots. Walk down the range at any Professional Tour event and you’ll spot several players employing a method to keep the left arm connected to the chest – a true source of both power and accuracy.

Here’s how I recommend you getting the feel of this all-important connection:
Put a golf glove or towel under the left arm at set up. I’m using a golf glove, which is thin enough to demand that you keep that left shoulder and upper arm connected to the torso, but light enough to not interfere with the swing. By keeping it there all the way through the swing as I do in Photo 2, you’ll feel more connected and see the results immediately both in distance and accuracy.

If you don’t stay connected and experience the dreaded “chicken wing”, as I demonstrate in Photo 3, you’ll end up with far too long a backswing and an abbreviated follow through. I’ve clearly let the glove go and the result is the left arm arm disconnects from the torso leading to an offline shot.

So keep that glove or towel tucked where it needs to be throughout your swing and this and other issues will disappear. This simple tip ncreates the proper feel for connection throughout the swing. It works for golfers of every skill level.