Coaching Corner – Chipping

Chipping with Greg Massey

Often when chipping around the green the most common fault is golfers using their hands and arms too much and the body stops moving(Photos 1 & 2)leading to thinned or heavy chip shots. In this tip I will show you how to keep the body, hands and arms moving in unison to ensure more consistent strike and better results.

Firstly we look at setup,
Weight distribution will be 60/40 toward the front foot at address, this will help promote a downward hit on the ball ensuring a clean strike(photo 3).
Setup with your feet, hips and shoulders a little bit open to the target, this will help you to move through the hitting area better(photo 4).

The reference point for this drill is the butt end of your club and your belly button, if you can have the butt of the club pointing at your belly button at the finish of the swing your body has moved correctly through the shot correctly(photo 5 & 6). This allows the clubface to be delivered to the ball in the same manner you had it at setup instead of manipulating the face with your hands.  You do need to accelerate the club head through impact to get the required distance, as a rule of thumb I would recommend swinging the club the same distance back and through to ensure consistent strike