Frequently asked questions - Junior/Student

Q1. What constitutes a junior member?

Ans: A person qualifies as a junior if he/she is 14 years of age or older on the membership renewal date.

Q2. How long can you remain a junior?

Ans: You remain a Junior until you have reached the age of 18. If you continue in full time education or are pursuing an apprenticeship/professional qualification you can transfer to a student membership as long as you supply a letter from your university/employer stating that fact.

Q3. What happens when you cease to be a student member?

Ans: On ceasing to be a student member you can apply for Intermediate membership. An intermediate member shall comprise persons whose age at the time of renewal is not less than twenty one years or greater than twenty four years, who have progressed from the junior ranks and have a minimum of five years participation as a junior member of Kilcock Golf Club.  Intermediate members will be treated as having the same playing rights as full members in competitions.  They are not allowed to vote at the Men’s or Ladies’ AGM or EGM.

Q4. What are my rights and responsibilities on the course?

Ans: A junior/student member has the same rights and responsibilities on the course as any other member. You should treat other members with the same courtesy that you would expect from them. You should not be abusive or suffer abuse on the course.

If you feel you have been mistreated on the course you should immediately inform a committee member who will deal with the issue appropriately.

Q5. How do I get a handicap?

Ans. In order to get your official GUI handicap you must submit three 18 hole cards which have been signed by someone who also holds an official GUI handicap. The cards must be clearly marked “FOR HANDICAP” and dropped into the men’s or ladies competition box in the locker rooms. Currently for Kilcock Golf Club the person marking your card must be an adult member.

Q6. What Competitions can I enter/What prizes am I eligible to win?

Ans. The rules regarding entry to competitions and opens are outlined on Juniors/Students/Juveniles page of the member’s dairy. Please note rule 10 on that page “In Singles competitions, Juniors/Students will be competing for junior prizes and gross prizes only”. This is for club competitions in the men’s section.

Junior girl members can play in all junior competitions and in addition can play and win their category in the Ladies weekly competitions. They are also eligible to win a junior prize in Ladies major competitions, once they match either 1st, 2nd or 3rd scores on the day and they are also eligible to win a Front 9, Back 9, nearest the pin or longest drive prizes in the Lady Captain’s prize.  In medal competitions they will be eligible to win a prize if they match overall, 1st or 2nd in their category. Fee for these competitions is €2.

Q7. How do I put my name on the time sheet for a competition

Ans. You enter a competition by putting your name on the time sheet. The time sheet is available on the web by logging onto, select the tab “Members click here” under Book A Tee Time at the top right hand side of the Home page. Then select “book a tee time”.

Enter your user name and password, choose the required competition from the calendar, select your preferred time and enter your pin no.

Q8. How do I enter the competition on the day and what are the entry fees?

Ans. The junior/student competition fees for singles competitions are €2, for team competitions the junior fee is the same as full members (this is because you are eligible to win a team prize).

The club has moved to a pre-pay system for competition fees. You can prepay competition fees onto your swipe card by paying cash to the bar, the office or the pro-shop and indicating that the cash should be put against your competition fee a/c.

For boys, when you arrive at the clubhouse for a competition you swipe your card in on the computer, this will sign you in for the competition and the relevant fee will be deducted from your account. A new label printer has been installed (in the pro-shop) it will print the label for the current competition. Fix the label to your card.

For girls, when you arrive at the clubhouse for a competition you should sign in on the computer, pay your entry fee and sign in the competition book.

Check your handicap on the handicap list before play commences.

Q9. Is there anything else I should know before I play?

Ans. Always check with the pro-shop for any local rules that must be adhered to on the day.

Q10. What should I do when I complete my round?

Ans. You should first check your scorecard; ensure that you and the marker have signed the card. Ensure that it is properly dated, has the correct handicap and the name of the competition you are entering.

You must swipe in on the computer again, enter your results, check the scores to ensure they agree with the results on your scorecard, and then press accept.  Put your card in the competition box. 

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