Frequently asked questions - Juvenile


Q1. What constitutes a juvenile member?

Ans: A person qualifies as a juvenile if he/she is between 10 and 13 years of age on the membership renewal date.

Q2. How long can you remain a juvenile?

Ans: You can remain a Juvenile until you have reached the age of 14.

Q3. When can I become a Junior member?

Ans: On the attaining the age of 14 you are eligible to apply to be a Junior member.

The Joint Management committee have the power to promote juveniles who they believe have potential, to the junior ranks before they reach 14.  Any Juveniles who are promoted will be subject to the junior rules (please refer to FAQ/Juniors) and any restrictions imposed by the relevant committees, currently these restrictions are as follows:

  1. You will only be able to play in Club competitions, if you are of adequate ability and recommended by the club professional to compete in adult competitions or have obtained a handicap of 15 or below.
  2. You are only entitled to put your name on the time sheet subject to the restriction at 1 above.
  3. Junior members who qualify to play in adult competitions may play in all competitions following paying the applicable entry fee. Golfer of the year competitions will have designated Junior prizes and junior members will not be eligible to win the main overall prizes in the GOY competitions. 
  4. You will not be required to pay the Junior membership fee for this year, however you will be liable for the Junior fee from next year onwards.

Q4. When am I allowed to play golf as a juvenile?

Ans: You can play golf at anytime other than competitions as long as you are accompanied at all times by an adult. 

Q5. Can I get a handicap?

Ans: The club will also issue with an in-house handicap for club competitions. Following progressing to junior membership you can then play three rounds of 18 Holes following assesment you will then be issued an official GUI handicap. 

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